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ChatGPT & AI inside Excel

Integrate Artificial Intelligence in Excel to analyse data, answer questions, generate macros, create formulas & build reports in seconds.

Unlock 27 Hidden Excel Formulas

Go beyond traditional Excel formulas to complete your work faster. Get secret custom formulas that no one in your office has.

100 Ready To Use Excel Automation Templates

No more leaving late from your office when automation can do your work in 1/10th the time for you.

45 Super Functions To Do Hours Of Work In Just A Few Seconds

Made for Indian working professionals to quickly finish their daily work.

Made specifically for Indian working professionals

After consulting with 100’s of Indian working professionals, AutomateX was built to simply our daily work & complete tasks that only automation can do effortlessly.

Designed to help you work in an AI & Data Driven World

With data being the new king, give your spreadsheets a magic touch that was missing from it. Use a revolutionary tool to take your Excel game to the next level.

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ChatGPT & Automation Assistant

  • ChatGPT In Excel To Analyse Data
  • ChatGPT In Excel To Generate Formulas
  • ChatGPT In Excel To Create Automation Macros
  • ChatGPT In Excel To Answer Questions
  • Send As Email Automation
  • Combine & Append Data Automation
  • Create Table Of Contents with Back Buttons

Custom Formatting Assistant

  • Format Numbers As Thousands
  • Format Numbers As Lakhs
  • Format Numbers As Crores
  • Format Numbers As Millions
  • Format Numbers As Billions
  • Format Date In US Format
  • Format Date In Indian Format

Formula Assistant

  • Divide Or Multiple By A Number
  • Add IF-Error Blank
  • Add IF-Error Zero
  • Paste Exact Formula
  • Clean Formula Manager
  • Empty Cell Deletion
  • Show All Cells
  • Replace Formula By Values

Structure Transformation Assistant

  • Swap Data
  • Transpose Data
  • Flip Data
  • Concatenate Columns
  • Concatenate Rows
  • Merged Cells Manager

Formatting Assistant

  • Increase Shade
  • Decrease Shade
  • True-False Formatting
  • Outside Border
  • Dotted Border
  • Change Border Color
  • Add Red Box Highlight

Custom Formulas Assistant

  • Vlookup_Max
  • Vlookup_Min
  • Hlookup_Max
  • Hlookup_Min
  • Word_n
  • CountWords
  • SpellNumber
  • SpellNumberIND
  • SumColor
  • CountColor
  • CAGR
  • SumFromAllSheets
  • CountUnique
  • CountVisible
  • UsedRange
  • Concatenate_Range
  • Weighted_Average
  • Percent_Change
  • RangeExists
  • ShapeExists
  • SheetExists
  • LastCell
  • LastCellAddress
  • LastColumnNumber
  • LastColumnNumber
  • SheetName
  • HasFormulas
  • IsMerged

Text Modification Assistant

  • Add Characters
  • Remove Characters
  • Change To Lower Case
  • Change To Upper Case
  • Change To Proper Case
  • Change To Sentence Case
  • Change To Toggle Case

Function Assistant

  • Number To Words
  • Create Named Range
  • Create Check Boxes
  • Create Drop Down
  • Select Cells With Same Fill Colour
  • Select Cells With Same Text Colour
  • Select Cells With Bold Text 
  • Select Cells With Italic Text
  • Select Cells With Underlined Text
  • Select Cells With Visible Text
  • Select Cells With Merged Text

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Unleash the Power of ChatGPT & AI within MS Excel to complete hour long work in seconds, guaranteed!

No more boring data analysis for lifetime

Just select your data and on the click on a button, ask ChatGPT to analyse it for you and get key insights in seconds.

Create macros with simple prompts to automate your work

The future of work here & you are the first to get it. Automate your boring tasks, reduce hours of work into seconds & make your job 10 times more fun, again.

Generate advanced formulas without even knowing them

Get your work done without cracking your head on what formula to use. Let AutomateX generate the exact formula you need.

Get answers to any question within Excel

Get any and all answers you need within Excel. Just write your question & let AutomateX get the answer for you using ChatGPT.

Made with love for you,

By the World's Highest Endorsed Microsoft Office Trainer!

With 5+ years of industry experience, I have been the Highest Endorsed Trainer in the world (on LinkedIn) with over 900 endorsements. I have worked with some of the best brands, empowered their teams, and helped them become more efficient.

With AutomateX, I look forward to making you a MS Office & AI PRO and helping you save hours of time and effort while working on MS Office Applications. 

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AutomateX License
  • Basic Features Include
  • 15 Secret Formulas Unlocked
  • 20 Done For You Automation Templates
  • 20 Super Functions To Automate Daily Tasks
  • General Updates
  • No ChatGPT Integration
  • No Future AI Upgrades
  • No Advanced Excel & AI Masterclass


AutomateX License
  • Everything in Basic Plus
  • 27 Secret Formulas Unlocked
  • 100 Done For You Automation Templates
  • 45 Super Functions To Automate Daily Tasks
  • ChatGPT Integration for answering questions
  • ChatGPT Integration for analysis & formulas
  • Future AI Upgrades
  • No Office 365 Pro Subscription
  • No AutomateX PowerPoint Booster
  • No Advanced Excel & AI Masterclass


AutomateX License
  • Everything in Standard Plus
  • All 27 formulas, 45 functions & 100 templates
  • Super ChatGPT for analysis & formulas
  • Super ChatGPT for answering questions
  • AutomateX PowerPoint Booster
  • Office 365 Subcription (Excel, PPT, Word, etc)
  • Certified Basic To Advanced Excel Masterclass
  • 12 Live AI Learning Sessions
  • Future AI Upgrades
  • Monthly Feature Requests

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AutomateX License
  • 15 Secret Formulas Unlocked
  • 20 DFY Automation Templates
  • 20 Super Automation Functions
  • No ChatGPT for Formulas & Macros
  • No ChatGPT for Analysis & Answers
  • No Future AI Upgrades
  • No AutomateX PowerPoint Booster
  • No Office 365 Subscription (Excel, PPT, Word)
  • No Basic To Advanced Excel & AI Masterclass
  • No 12 Live AI Learning Sessions


AutomateX License
  • 20 Secret Formulas Unlocked
  • 60 DFY Automation Templates
  • 30 Super Automation Functions
  • ChatGPT for Formulas & Macros
  • ChatGPT for Analysis & Answers
  • Future AI Upgrades
  • No AutomateX PowerPoint Booster
  • No Office 365 Pro Subscription
  • No Basic To Advanced Excel & AI Masterclass
  • No 12 Live AI Learning Sessions


AutomateX License
  • All 27 Secret Formulas Unlocked
  • All 100 DFY Automation Templates
  • All 45 Super Automation Functions
  • Super ChatGPT for Formulas & Macros
  • Super ChatGPT for Analysis & Answers
  • Future AI Upgrades
  • AutomateX PowerPoint Booster
  • Office 365 Subcription (Excel, PPT, Word, etc)
  • Basic To Advanced Excel & AI Masterclass
  • 12 Live AI Learning Sessions
  • Monthly Feature Requests